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Maybe cause it was the first true stand alone of the season, and the case-of-the-week shit is terrible? There were a lot of monologues.

Every single time there’s lots of soliloquizing about the nature of stalking they magically figure out the truth of the matter as if just pulling it out of their ass makes it true. Like 75% of this episode is just Collin (or whatever the main guy’s name is i’m not there yet with names) talking the audience through intro to stalking 101 and then Nikita being all what about stalking 102 and then Jake being oh no 102 maybe doesn’t apply here and Nikita making a face.

Where’s Erik Stocklin, amirite?

This is a show about spies. Technically this is (was) a love story about spies and I see you with Peter Quinn but that shit honestly doesn’t even fit into the mold left by Cary/Brody. This I love you even though I am sharing only 25% of my truth with you and I know you are sharing even less with me. Like that is why I was all in on this show. That is why it was amazing even though the realism police really went to town on it like they never even knew they were watching a love story like it wasn’t apparent from episode one like total idiots.

First they come for Brody… The Realism Task Force. 

Like why is Annalise Keating a glaringly incompetent lawyer in such embarrassingly fundamental ways?

I love Viola Davis’s performance but the show constantly telling me she’s an outstanding lawyer when she’s done nothing but be terrible on the show…. it’s making it hard. Also… I saw the first season of DAMAGES which is basically the same general gist. Lawyer show - flash forward murder mystery. Except Damages was excellent and this looks like ameatuer hour on the mystery bookshelf in comparison.

Like Annalise Keating is an awful lawyer.

Like all the this is a CBS procedural stuff is borderline awful but everything else? 

I literally have no idea why they took four years to change absolutely anything. It seems irreversible… unerasable… what they just did.

I mean all it took was for Emily to actually succeed at revenge to make her character interesting. And look Charlotte did something noteworthy! Like I was literally thinking at the beginning of this episode like why hasn’t Charlotte been killed off. She is actually the most useless part of this show. And then later I thought, oh, they’ve been keeping her alive for four years because she was Emily’s “sister” and this reckoning was coming.

I mean FOUR YEARS. They should have done this episode in the middle of season two instead of whatever the fuck they did in season two who can even remember? The Initiative? Erasing all the homoerotic (sub)text that made Amanda and Emily’s relationship so interesting? Some other stupid shit?

They literally can’t go back after this most recent episode and be like just kidding Emily still lives next door to the Graysons and is a failure at getting any actual Revenge on the Graysons. Just like season one episode one of this show. Just like all the episodes of this show.

NO MORE! Something new will happen!

Reminder: I’ve said this before and been totally wrong, so….

I mean I was weary of the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT reboot… with good reason, too, cause that shit was… just… not nearly as good as it was before is all I’ll say.

he says after reblogging an advert for THE COMEBACK

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Like I went into it expecting some sort of prestige drama version of whatever serious take on herteosexuality happens in films of aging french men. I was right, but about mid-way through I was like this could be like an awesome version of FATAL ATTRACTION in the guise of some one-of-the-main-characters-is-a-struggling-writer-who-cheats-on-his-wife bullshit. Like how every protagonist in Philip Roth’s books are goddamn literary writers who are very against being labeled pompous. But then it turns into RASHOMON like halfway through and the girl isn’t amazing. From her point of view she just has clinical depression and takes time to sit down and cry in her outdoor shower decorated with nicknacks like something Cassie Ainsworth would post on instagram.

I mean…